Killing Joke

What's this for

Year: 1981
Label: E.G.
Location: Near St George's Church, Colegate | 
 | UK | England

Original photos on Sleeve was taken by Mike Coles ( The composition reminiscent De Chirico arches, The brick building is currently a development of council flats and the church in front is the medieval St George’s Church,. The nave and tower date from 1459 and the chancel from 1498. The aisles and chapels are 1505 and 1513.

Album info

What's THIS For...! is the second studio album by English post-punk band Killing Joke, released in June 1981 by E.G. via Polydor Records.

Like Killing Joke's debut album, What's THIS For...! was self-produced by the band. It was engineered by Hugh Padgham and Nick Launay. Launay, Padgham's assistant at that time, finished the album after an altercation that resulted in damage to the mixing desk, causing Padgham to leave before the album was mixed. Launay continued to work under the band's direction.Padgham contradicts the mixing desk incident saying that Jaz's recollection is "all rubbish. The thing is they were so out of it."


Killing Joke


Killing Joke are an English rock band from Notting Hill, London, England, formed in 1979 by Jaz Coleman (vocals, keyboards), Paul Ferguson (drums), Geordie Walker (guitar) and Youth (bass).

Their first album, Killing Joke, was released in 1980. After the release of Revelations in 1982, bassist Youth was replaced by Paul Raven. The band achieved mainstream success in 1985 with both the album Night Time and the single "Love Like Blood".

The band's musical style emerged from the post-punk scene, but stood out due to their heavier approach, and has been cited as a key influence on industrial rock. Their style evolved over many years, at times incorporating elements of gothic rock, synthpop and electronic music, often baring Walker's prominent guitar and Coleman's "savagely strident vocals". Killing Joke have influenced many later bands and artists, such as Metallica, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden. Although Coleman and Walker have been the only constant members of the band, the current line-up features all four original members.

Paul Ferguson was the drummer in the band Matt Stagger when he met Jaz Coleman (from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) in Notting Hill, London in late 1978. Coleman was briefly the keyboard player in that band. He and Ferguson then left to gradually piece together Killing Joke. In the following months, they placed advertisements in Melody Maker and other music papers. Guitarist Geordie Walker joined them in March 1979, followed by bassist Youth. The band was formed in June 1979. Coleman said their manifesto at the time was to "define the exquisite beauty of the atomic age in terms of style, sound and form". Coleman gave an explanation concerning their name: "The killing joke is like when people watch something like Monty Python on the television and laugh, when really they're laughing at themselves. It's like a soldier in the first world war. He's in the trench, he knows his life is gone and that within the next ten minutes he's gonna be dead ... and then suddenly he realises that some cunt back in Westminster's got him sussed - 'What am I doing this for? I don't want to kill anyone, I'm just being controlled'." The band played their debut gig on 4 August 1979 at Brockworth, Whitcombe Lodge supporting the Ruts and The Selecter.

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